Before the election, everyone in the GOP hated Trump. Once he won the election, everyone became friends.

Or did they?

People ridiculed Romney for changing his tune, Cruz for working the Trump phone bank, and Rubio for saying we should all play together. Was it really just a case of spineless wimpitude? Or was it the Russians?

Bear with me (see what I did there? Bear? Russians?).  We know that the DNC email server was hacked, and the Russians released those to do the maximum damage to our election process. We also know they hacked the GOP server, but didn’t release those.emails. There’s also pretty good odds there was some sort of collusion between them and Trump.

So here’s what I think happened. You can believe it or not, depending on your alternate facts.

The Russians decided they wanted a President. They collected dirt on Trump and told him they’d help him run. I don’t think either he nor the Russians thought he’d win. They just wanted to stick it to Hillary Clinton. But Trump did win. And the Russians still had the dirt on him.

So Trump wins, and the Russians give him some of the dirt on choice enemies. Really embarrassing stuff. Why else would rich politicians bend over for Trump? Romney knew he was being used, but he couldn’t do anything for fear of…something. The Russians probably had proof that Cruz was the Zodiac Killer, but I can’t imagine what they have on Romney.

With that kind of dirt on the GOP, what are the odds that a Republican controlled Congress will impeach Trump?

Yeah, that’s what I think too. Our only hope is to make sure we don’t have anyone in Congress that has career-politician level skeletons in their closets.

See where I’m going?  Good.