The election in November did not work out the way the majority of voters expected. Liberal and progressive candidates lost to GOP candidates, and the Republicans now control the White House, The Senate, and the House of Representatives. And now that they have control, conservatives are working hard to roll back all of the Obama era changes, the first of which was an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would leave 20 million Americans without healthcare.

Enter the Resistance.

As part of a grassroots effort to fight the new order, people who might not have ever considered going into politics are now firing up campaigns to unseat GOP incumbents. Any Swing State will become a battleground, and groups like Swing Left are starting the fight.

So who are these new candidates?

In Georgia’s 6th District Jon Ossoff is attempting to win with the help of celebrities like Alyssa Milano putting out the word and driving voters to the polls.

Brianna Wu is a Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8. She’s fought through a male-dominated game development world, and is ready to persist into government.

Chris O’Kennon is in the early stages of seeing if he can unseat Rep Steve Knight in California’s 25th District, one of the few in California still controlled by Republicans.

People are tired of the same old greed and corruption in government. They’re tired of representatives who hide from their constituents. You want to drain the swamp, this is the way to do it.